April 29, 2024

Benefits of Purchasing a Used SUV

Thinking of Buying a Used SUV in Lubbock, TX?

If you're in the market for a used vehicle, buying a used SUV is practical, cost-effective, and versatile. At Fiesta Motors, we have one of the largest selections of quality used SUVs in Lubbock, TX. With three convenient used car dealerships throughout Lubbock and competitive in-house financing solutions for all credit types, it's easy to understand why we consider ourselves the best used car dealership in Lubbock. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you identify your needs and goals and find a reliable used SUV that is within your budget. As a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership, we offer financing solutions for all credit situations, and our instant loan approval means we can get you in a used SUV and driving off the lot in less than an hour.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used SUV?

The biggest benefit of buying a used SUV is that you will be paying much less than the cost of a new SUV. However, even beyond your cost savings, you’re going to get to take advantage of these other benefits:

  • Versatility and Practicality – SUVs are one of the most versatile and practical types of vehicles on the market today. Buying a used SUV means you get to take advantage of those benefits without spending a small fortune. Used SUVs are capable of hauling and towing, transporting the whole family, transporting your pets, helping you move, and allowing you to haul bicycles, a wheelchair, and other oversized cargo.
  • Increased Safety – Even used SUVs are much safer than other larger vehicles on the road. Because they are larger and heavier, they can often sustain the force of a collision better than smaller cars. Used SUVs come with the same safety features and driver’s assistance systems offered in new SUVs, but you’ll be paying far less.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency – Low-mileage used SUVs have great fuel efficiency compared to models that were on the market in the 80s.
  • More Information – Buying a used SUV means you’ll have access to more information about the car’s strengths, weaknesses, and advantages than you would if you were buying the latest model. You can take advantage of dealership guarantees, pre-owned warranties, and lower price points on quality used SUVs. You can also read existing reviews from real customers who have had the exact make and model of SUV for years and can offer insider information about how it handles.
  • Lower Insurance and Registration Costs – A used SUV will typically have lower insurance and registration costs than a brand-new SUV.

Deciding if You Should Buy a New or Used SUV

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if you should buy a new or used SUV. Brand-new cars are more expensive, and you might end up getting trapped in a schedule of large monthly car payments for the next three to five years. You should consider these factors when you're not sure if you want to buy a new or used SUV:

  • Your budget and your ability to make future monthly payments
  • The cost of future maintenance and repairs
  • Your long-term plans for your vehicle and yourself
  • The financing options available for used SUVs in your area
  • The cost comparison of new SUV and used SUV makes and models you’re interested in
  • The depreciation of new SUV values over the first year of ownership
  • Lower insurance costs and fees for used SUVs
  • The availability of a detailed car history for the used SUVs you’re considering

Used SUV Buying Guide

When buying a used SUV, tips from an expert can help you make a wise financial decision. There is a huge variety of different makes, models, and manufacturers on the market, and SUVs vary by price and size. You should familiarize yourself with the different types of SUVs available at the dealership and consider the pros and cons of each model. Consider subcompact SUVs, small SUVs, midsize SUVs, and large SUVs. In order to choose the best size SUV for you and your family, factor in the seating options, cargo space, and your primary daily use of the SUV. You should also research the safety and active driver assistance technology options for each model you’re considering. Finally, consider whether you want an SUV with 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive.

Check Out Our Selection of Quality Used SUVs in Lubbock, TX

As a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership, our team at Fiesta Motors will quickly find financing solutions for you when you buy a used SUV in Lubbock, TX. Our goal is to make your experience buying an SUV rewarding, exciting, and stress-free. We offer instant loan approval and can make sure you are driving off the lot in a used SUV in less than an hour. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable and can help you find the best used SUV for your needs and budget. Call us today or contact us online to learn more or stop by one of our three used dealerships in Lubbock, TX.


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