Fiesta Motors vs CarMax

As the #1 reviewed dealer in Lubbock we are happy to have you compare us to CarMax or any other dealer. We have nothing bad to say about them. We only want to give you the information to make an informed decision. We looked at CarMax's website to do a fair comparison. We did not call to ask them about their services.

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Fiesta Motors
Top Reviewed Dealer
That’s us with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 at both locations. 
Brand new. No reviews in Lubbock.
Free Dealer Certification
Our ASE certified technicians with over 200 years of combined proven experience, perform a 50 Point Inspection on all vehicles. We want to make sure that the vehicle you buy is up to the standards of our Fiesta Motors "Worry-Free Guarantee."
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Free Lifetime Safety Inspections
Even after your vehicle is paid off, we will still inspect it at no cost to you.
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Flexibility with Insurance Coverage
Save thousands of dollars every year; liability-only option available to qualified customers
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Free Credit Counseling
Having credit challenges is a complicated issue. Our agents can explain the importance of credit and how to build that score. This gives you more options and flexibility on vehicle financing and other important aspects of your life.
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Free Cash-to-You Referral Program
Refer friends and family to Fiesta Motors for cash in your pocket
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