Auto Finance in Lubbock - How to Get A No Credit Car Loan

Auto Finance in Lubbock with Fiesta Motors

Are you trying to get a car loan in Lubbock, but know you have no history to your credit? It’s a common issue faced by many who need a car but are concerned that their credit history, or lack of one, will make it difficult. Fiesta Motors can provide the answer with our in-house auto financing options.

What makes the Fiesta Motors auto financing experience different? First, we make approvals easy. At many dealerships, your car loan application is handled by a bank or a manufacturer. The dealership has no say in whether you’re approved for a car loan.

Not at Fiesta Motors. We handle auto financing in-house, meaning we don’t base our decision entirely on your credit history. Your credit history is your past, we look at your future. With just a few documents, we can approve you in as little as five minutes!

What do our Lubbock neighbors need to get started with the Fiesta auto loan process? We say “your job is your credit” here, and proof of income is the key. This may be as simple as a pay stub from your current employer, but we accept other forms of income to get approved. It could be from a pension, social security, or any other legitimate, verifiable source, including self-employment.

Fiesta Motors wants to serve the Lubbock community with our car loans, so proof of residence and identification is needed. Residence can be verified by a lease or mortgage, or from a utility or phone bill. We do not require a driver’s license, only some form of government-issued ID.

These documents, plus five local references, will allow our Fiesta Motors finance experts to process your car loan application and make a decision. Having all of these with you when you visit one of our Lubbock locations will ensure the process is fast and easy.

You will also need a downpayment, but our flexible terms allow us to work with you to figure out the best fit for your budget. We have a huge selection of quality used cars and trucks at our three Lubbock dealerships: Downtown, on Frankford Ave, or on 50th St. You’ll find a great fit for your needs fast!

Once you drive off the lot, you’re on the road to building or rebuilding your credit. Fiesta Motors reports your regular, timely payments to the credit bureaus, providing positive signals to your credit score.

Fiesta Motors wants to help Lubbock get auto financing today! Get started building your credit by filling out the easy online car credit application form.