Your Pre-Owned Ford Had to Pass a Trial by Fire - or Actually, Mace

Sharp keys and pointy pens are no match for the fabric developed for your Ford. 

There's a reason that pre-owned Ford vehicles sold at Fiesta Motors in Lubbock are durable inside and out.
Ford engineers are always hard at work trying to get vehicle materials to crack under pressure—sometimes literally—before models are ever manufactured,
One test done for upholstery fabrics is called the "Mace Snagging Test." We’re not talking the deter-a-criminal spray—this is like an old fashioned, pointy, medieval deadly weapon.
The mace test is designed to measure a fabric's resistance to pointy pens, sharp keys, dog toenails, and other objects dragged across the surface.
Technically, we should point out (in case there are medieval scholars among us) the test name is inaccurate. Ford technicians use a spiked metal ball attached to a chain to assail fabrics—but their weapon is not a true "mace," except in similarly-mistaken popular culture.
A true mace is a rigid weapon, similar to a hammer. The test should actually be called the "Ball-and-Chain Flail Snagging Test."
Somebody let Ford people know.
Ford makes certain that vehicle interiors are built to last by subjecting them to several more tests, including:
  • Stretch durability
  • Odor quality
  • Stain resistance
  • Dye transfer resistance
  • Scratch test
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