You Won't Believe What Happens When a Dog Tries to Race a Lancer Evolution at Rally


Meet the world's luckiest dog.
People on the Internet call him the world's luckiest dog; once you've seen the clip, you'll have to admit it's true.
At Bolivia's Rally De Santa Cruz last weekend, a small terrier mix wandered into the road.
Now, these rally events intentionally take place on ill-maintained, narrow, muddy, gravelly dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, to put all-wheel drive cars and their driver's skill to the test. The dog cast nervous sideways glances at the spectators as it trotted along. It is likely a stray, or a free-wandering rural pet that travels the abandoned road often, and had no idea that the crowd has gathered to watch a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution fly by at 70mph.
Onlookers helplessly shouted warnings to the hapless pup as the car tore around the corner, but it was too late. The frightened animal began to run for its life, unaware of the impossibility of outrunning an Evo.
Just when it looks like it's all over, the rally car hit a bump in the road and leapt over the dog's head with inches to spare. We don't know if driver Fernando Zuasnabar was aware of the jump, and took it intentionally, or if the narrow escape was a providential accident--but we saw something amazing happen.
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