"Winter-ize" your Vehicle in Texas


Although the chances of seeing heavy amounts of snow in Texas are pretty slim, there isn't any harm in "winterizing" your car.
True, southern winterizing will be different, but we’ve borrowed tips from our friends in snowy places. Our service center is staffed with experts who can keep your vehicle in good working order during the colder months.
For starters, check your windshield wipers. After Lubbock’s dry, hot summer the rubber has likely cracked, even if you didn't use the blades often. Inspect them now, just in case you need them during one of our Texas-sized and much-needed rain storms.
Check the tires. You won't need a set of heavy-duty winter tires unless you plan to travel up into snowy states, but check for even wear and proper tread depth.
Also, as temps dip into what feels downright chilly for us Texans, make sure you monitor the tire pressure regularly and adjust as needed for safety and better fuel efficiency.
Keep your vehicle equipped for any "worst case scenario" moments. Because November and December is a busy time for traveling, make sure you have an old-school, paper map with you in case your GPS stops working or starts sending you in circles.
If you do plan to visit friends and family in snowy states, make sure you check in with them about the weather and road conditions before a visit. It might be safer and less of hassle for you to fly in and have them pick you up in their vehicle with beefy snow tires.
Of course, our expert technicians at Fiesta Motors Service Center can do any Texas winterizing that you need on your vehicle. Just call for an appointment.
For more car care tips, visit us at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock. Check out our vast inventory of dependable pre-owned vehicles, take any for a test drive—and we’ll even help with financing.