Choosing a Car That Is Affordable in the Long-run

You may have your dream car in mind while making a decision to purchase one. Nothing wrong with that. 

Unless of course, it's the Batmobile or some such thing.

It's important to consider the other factors that will increase the recurrent expenses of owning a car. This will make your future budget not constrained so much by the car you purchase.
Main factors that lead to the total cost of ownership are maintenance costs, insurance, and gas consumption.

There are also many car insurance policies to consider. Notably, all cars have different insurance policies, so some cars may be more expensive to maintain than others.

Gas consumption is another thing to consider--it's also different with different makes of cars.
If you are about to decide on a particular car, visit one of our buy-here pay-here dealerships in Lubbock. Our friendly, expert staff will help you buy a vehicle that you're happy with, and that will keep you financially comfortable. Need help with financing? We can do that, too.