Why You Love Driving Fast

Does passing another vehicle on the highway give you a little thrill? How about rolling the windows down and hearing the engine rev?
What is it about fast cars that men and women find so thrilling?

They come to Fiesta Motors of Lubbock often to check out our inventory and drive away in their dream cars.
Science has an answer even if people do not.
A 2009 study found that driving a sports car gave male drivers a testosterone boost. Speed essentially acts as a status symbol displaying the driver's virility. Higher testosterone levels also make drivers more susceptible to the fight-or-flight reaction that your body experiences when exposed to high driving speeds.
Driving fast can create such a chemical rush in your body because of adrenaline and dopamine that it can become habit-forming. "Addicted" drivers may push the pedal to the metal increasingly more to get the same effect—which can be dangerous.
Fiesta Motors of Lubbock has a wide inventory of used vehicles—both pragmatic and fast—to suit anyone’s driving style. Come in for a test drive.

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