Why We'll Never Get Flying Cars


Raise your hand if you've wanted a flying car since seeing them in Back to the Future Part II.
Alright, you with your hand still down—The Jetsons?
Thought so.
Flying cars are so cool. They capture our imagination and expand on the feeling of freedom we've enjoyed in cars since the Model T. Too bad they are one of the only vehicles we don’t carry in our inventory at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock.
So where are they already? It's way past 2015—the year Back to the Future predicted would have flying cars.
Turns out, while they are very cool, and motor companies are trying really hard, we will never have flying cars like you pictured as a kid.
Sorry to crush you dreams there.
However, if your dream is an affordable, reliable used vehicle that will help you build good credit by providing financing where you can make payments on time, then our buy-here pay-here dealership is the place to visit. Our staff will help you make it a reality. While you’re here, take an earthbound test drive.