Why Cold Weather Could Bring Car Trouble


Colder weather is settling in over most of the country.
Be aware that cold weather can make vehicles slower and more fragile. Failure to start is among one of the biggest problems vehicles face during frigid temperatures. Getting your vehicle serviced ahead of time will make a difference.
Common reasons your car won't start when it's cold include:
Gasoline evaporates less in colder temperatures—which makes it harder for the car to burn it. To prevent this, use carburetor cleaner to coax reluctant engines to life. It’s safer than ether (which can be explosive) and nearly as effective.

Using the wrong oil could be the culprit. Most new cars take thinner oil (5W-20), which is great for winter. Thicker oil such as 10W-30 makes things more difficult when temperatures drop below freezing and molecules bunch up.

A quick online search will point you in the right direction about which type of oil is right for your make and model. Any automotive staff member at Fiesta can help too—or check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Synthetic oil tends to do better in the cold as well.
Cold temperatures will affect the battery. Chemical components in the battery slow down and make it weak, so it may not start the engine. It’s a good idea to change the battery once every three years.
The fuel line can also be an issue during winter. There really should not be water in your car’s fuel line—unfortunately, this is not always the case. When fuel lines freeze, gasoline can’t get to the motor, meaning combustion is halted and the engine won’t turn over. Condensation from temperature fluctuations could leave water in the gas line or fuel tank, which causes further complications. One solution is to use fuel with low alcohol content or premium fuel. However, in many cases, it may be necessary to repair or replace the fuel lines entirely.
Of course, if your car should need attention, or to prep it before the winter months set in with a vengeance, make an appointment to bring your vehicle to Fiesta Motors Service Center. If you’re at a point where you just need to upgrade, come check out our inventory at one of our buy-here pay-here locations and take a test drive.
We’ll even arrange financing.