Which Motor Oil Best Suits My Car?


Surprisingly, not every car owner is aware of the importance of changing oil in their vehicles.
Engine oil acts like a sponge that holds fluids and picks up dirt—the contaminants that damage your car’s engine such as miniscule metal shavings.
For the engine of your vehicle to perform at its best, the oil needs to be changed frequently—about every 3,000 miles for conventional (mineral) oil, and 3,000 to 5,000 miles for synthetic blends. The type of oil will either limit or boost longevity.
Not sure which to choose? Keep reading, and then follow-up with a call to schedule an oil change with one of our technicians in the service center who can help you.
Which oil best suits my car?
Let’s take a look at the differences between synthetic, synthetic blends, and conventional oils.
Synthetic oil holds the advantage for intense lubrication. Many vehicle manufacturers recommend this type. It is artificially created and able to withstand higher temperatures. One advantage over conventional motor oil is that it’s designed to be more effective at resisting break-down, so it lasts longer than mineral oil. It also flows better in cold temperatures, which reduces engine wear during frigid startups
Part-synthetic—also called synthetic blend or semi-synthetic—is a blend of conventional mineral oil and synthetic. Part-synthetic motor oil is designed to have some of the benefits of a full synthetic for increased protection of the engine, but at a lower cost.
Industry experts say that conventional oil is preferable for low-mileage commutes. With a shelf-life of 3,000 miles or 3 months, a conventional oil change is about three times less expensive than a synthetic change. Also, if you have an older car with a lot of miles that has always run on mineral oil, synthetic oil is not necessarily a good idea. The engine is past its prime and synthetic oil will do no good—it’s already used to running on conventional oil. Save your money and go with what works best in this situation: conventional oil.
It is always a good idea to look at your owner’s manual. There will be specifics about your type of vehicle and the oil service it needs. 
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