Understanding Basic Dashboard Warning Light Definitions

Dashboard warning lights in cars and trucks give drivers an indication that something is wrong.

Paying attention is important for avoiding accidents and being stranded on the road.  

It's a good idea to know what dashboard warning lights mean in order to increase traffic safety and prevent unwanted mechanic bills.
  • Check Engine Light alerts a malfunction within the engine.
  • Reduced Power Warning light means the engine is experiencing levels of limited engine power output.
  • Lamp Out warning light means an exterior light is out. Check your headlights and rear-lighting.
  • Service Vehicle Soon warning light suggests an electrical or lighting issue or inefficient communication between the systems.
  • Brake System warning lights indicate malfunction within the vehicle braking system.
  • Oil Change Reminder warning light meaning the car’s preferred oil life has expired.
Monitoring the dashboard warning light messages in your car saves you from unexpected inconvenience, repairs, and sometimes even your life. When in doubt, check it out. Make an appointment at our service center and our expert techs mill make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. 

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