Tricks Professional Detailers Use to Remove Pet Hair

It has been said that our vehicles are a reflection of ourselves. If that’s true, a car full of dog hair doesn’t speak well to anyone’s personality.

When you've got a dog who loves car trips but you don't want to be embarrassed by pet hair when your human best friends need a ride, use the following tried and true tips to get the hair out fast.
There is no effortless magical secret to get out embedded fur, but there are a few tools professionals use which makes the job a lot easier.
Chief among these is Fur-Zoff. The Fur-Zoff stone is made of recycled materials and looks like coarse pumice. When you drag it along the furry surface its rough texture grabs the woven-in hairs and lifts them to the surface.
However, because of its pumice-like hardness, Fur-Zoff can damage delicate plastics, leather and paint. It has also been known to leave little crumbly bits behind which need to be swept off or vacuumed.
For hard-to-reach places, invest in a rubber pet hair brush. The soft rubber bristles won't scratch anything, and it's easy to fit into nooks and crannies.
A few other ideas:
  • Rubber kitchen glove. Put the glove on and get the fingers a little wet. Rub the upholstery in one direction to form clumps that can easily be picked up or vacuumed. You could also lightly mist the upholstery with water and sweep it up with your gloved hands. You could also substitute a slightly damp sponge or washcloth for the glove.
  • Velcro curlers. Old school self-sticking hair curlers are great or picking up stray pet hairs. Use them like a lint brush throughout the car. Because they don’t contain adhesives like lint brushes do, they can be used repeatedly without losing their effectiveness. Simply pull the hair from the roller and keep brushing.
  • Fabric Softener. Liquid fabric softener contains ingredients that loosen hair, making this one the best ways to get stubborn strands out of your car seats and carpeting. Mix a few teaspoons of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle and lightly spray upholstery. Wipe with a paper towel, let the upholstery dry and then vacuum leftovers.
  • Duct or packing tape. Any wide tape will work, but duct tape is strongest. Roll the tape around your hand with the sticky side out until your hand is covered. Press it against the fabric and carpet to lift pet hair.
  • Pet hair attachment for a vacuum. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way to pick up pet hair. Use a pet hair or brush attachment that has rubber bristles. These use the same concept as rubber gloves—using static electricity.
  • Brush your dog before driving. Giving your dog’s coat a good brushing before he goes into the car removes loose hairs that would end up on your carpets and seats.
  • Use washable seat covers. The pet rider or seat cover keeps pet hair off your seats. It can be easily removed and washed. Make sure to remove excess hair before washing or you may end up with a clogged washer and/or dryer.
  • Harness and/or crate your pet. This will limit the hair to a smaller area. It will also keep your dog safe while traveling.
  • No dogs in the car rule. Harsh—but there it is.
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