Trailer Tips from Fiesta Motors

Headed out to a campground this summer? The lake? The hills? Chances are you’re hauling a trailer if you have a truck.
Fiesta Motors of Lubbock staff wants to make sure that you use your truck correctly for hauling anything. Before hitting the road, schedule an appointment for our expert technicians in our service and repair center make sure everything is in top condition.
Here are a few quick tips courtesy of an article in Popular Mechanics:
Always know how much your truck can tow and how much any trailer weighs. The most important thing is to check the gross combined weight rating (GCWR). You can usually find these in owner's manuals, or by researching it online.
The right hitch is key. You need the exact right size. Don't try to fit one that isn't big or small enough. Add safety chains and make sure the hitch is level with the trailer.
Electronic brakes are vital when hauling heavier items. Many newer models already have them installed, but some older ones do not. We advise you go out and buy some that you know will last and get the job done.
The next tip should go without saying, but be extra careful. Your truck has a wider and heavier load now—braking will take longer because of it. Allow for plenty of distance between other vehicles and always be attentive.
Lastly, reversing is also going to be more difficult. Be extra aware. To get a good handle on it, Popular Mechanics editors advise you to grip the steering wheel at the bottom, and rotate in the direction you want to go.
To learn more and continue the conversation, stop in at any of our two buy-here pay-here Fiesta Motors locations in Lubbock. While you’re at it, let us show you around our exceptional inventory and let you take a test drive. If you come across something you can’t pass up, we’ll arrange in-house financing