Top Gear Tests Used Car Reliability to the Extreme

Is any used car always reliable?
We'd say it can be—with proper care and maintenance services. But that's not what the stunt-happy hosts of Top Gear want to find out.
They want to know if a used Toyota pickup is indestructible; they've got several tricks up their sleeves to really push the limits of what that means.
A normal person might label their used vehicle indestructible when it survives a fender-bender, starts up in the dead of winter and in the heat of summer, and drives reliably for more than 200,000 miles.
Host Jeremy Clarkson wanted to know if the Toyota pickup, known for its indestructability, can survive being under water. Salt water. Sloshed about and buffeted by waves and tidal currents.
Clarkson wants to know if it will survive being dropped it from a crane, or lit on fire.
As it turns out, it will. See the video here.
Not a wise practice for the average car owner, but through a series of extreme trials, we found out through Top Gear that a used vehicle can have extraordinary survivability.
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