Things to Consider when You're in the Market for an Eco-Friendly Used Car

It's hard to ignore the steadily increasing gas prices that plague our modern times.
However, there is also a new wave of environmental consciousness which helps drivers choose models that are inherently more fuel savvy over others that aren't.
Because eco-friendliness has been prevalent for a few years, there are a plethora of cars available in our used inventory at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock.  Beyond that, we offer not only stellar fuel efficiency vehicles, but have several that are quite gentle on the environment.
There are a few important things to know when in the market for an eco-friendly used car:
  • Value: In the auto industry, value is a mix of several things. The sticker price is a factor, but it's definitely not the entire picture. Therefore, if an eco-friendly model such as a hybrid seems to have a higher listing price than its all-gas-powered counterpart, make sure you also factor in its fuel economy, safety features, overall reliability and more.
  • Emissions: How low are they? For example, an all-electric model produces zero emissions. Hybrids produce lower emissions. Individual driving habits do affect emissions, but it’s best to start with a vehicle that isn't already a high producer.
If you'd like more helpful tips regarding shopping for an eco-friendly used car, then come to us at Fiesta Motors. Swing by our conveniently located buy-here pay-here dealerships and car service and repair center any time. Check out our extensive inventory, take a test drive, and ask about our in-house financing.