The Hardworking, Dependable Chevrolet Silverado

We sell all sorts of quality used cars, but a lot of us at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock are truck people at heart.
For Texans, there is nothing much better than a solid, sturdy pickup truck that is ready to tow, haul, or transport anything, anywhere.
In our opinion, the Chevy Silverado stands out as one of the best. Chevys are made for life, made to withstand the test of time. You deserve a truck that's going to work as hard as you do, for a price that you can manage. We've got one for you in our inventory.
But maybe you’re not a truck type of person and have more of a laid-back sedan personality. Maybe you’re an adventurous, adrenaline-loving sports car person. No matter what you're into, come to one of our buy-here pay-here dealerships today to see our inventory with a full lineup of Chevrolet models, Dodge, GMC, Ford, and so much more—all for a price that'll make you wanna party! We’ll even help with financing.
Trust our Fiesta Motors professionals in Lubbock for your full car-buying experience. We have tons of dealer-certified vehicles ready to go home with you today. Our financing specialists are always happy to try to work out the best payment plan for you, no matter what your credit situation is.