Take Your Favorite Dish with You as You Travel

Are you excited about showing off a new, hot, holiday side dish to share with your friends and family this holiday season?

The food you made with such care will be a perfect addition to your holiday gathering. So, how do you transport that food on the go without spilling it?
Of course, keep the container covered while you travel to keep it warm and to keep it from spilling.

If you're traveling with someone, ask them to hold the dish while you drive. If it is hot, first place it in something insulated to keep their hands and lap from being burned.
Keep driving speed at a cautious level, taking turns with extra care.

This is a moment where you'll likely notice if the steering in your vehicle is off-center or if your car pulls to the right or left while you're driving so carefully. 

If you do notice something "off," call for an appointment at our service center, and we'll get you taken care of. 

Need a new car altogether? We can help with that too at one of our buy-here pay-here dealerships in Lubbock, where we have a great in-house financing program. 
Happy holidays to you and to all of your family from those of us at Fiesta Motors! We wish you all the best!