Save Hundreds of Dollars by Making Physics Work for You

If we had known science class could save us money, we probably would have paid more attention.

Fortunately, the geeks at DNews are at it again with a pithy video about how to maximize fuel economy in your vehicle.
If you can reduce the drag of your car by a smidgen, you'll gain two-tenths of a mile per gallon. That may not seem like a lot, but if you're an average driver who covers around 12,000 miles each year, it will add up.

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But we digress.
What can you do to reduce drag? Wash your car, remove antenna toppers and roof racks, and keep the tailgate up if you drive a truck.
Reducing weight by packing lightly and keeping the car's interior clean can also reduce the force your engine needs propel your car the same distance. Properly inflated tires also reduce drag against the road.
Finally, aerodynamics and engine power hit a sweet spot at around 55 mph. Go faster than that and you lose fuel economy.
None of these changes by themselves will make a huge difference, but by saving nickels and dimes here and there, you can shave hundreds of dollars off fuel expenses over the course of a year.
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