Protect your ride with Pet Proofing


Many of us take our pets along for rides in our vehicles. As much as we love their company—and maybe they love it too—things can get messy. Tracked in dirt, slobber on the windows, pet hair, and even the smelly result of motion sickness adorns the inside of the vehicle.  
If you’ve just purchased a vehicle from our buy-here pay-here dealership Fiesta Motors of Lubbock, be sure to protect the fabric upholstery or leather--you might want to trade it in later.

Of course, a big bed sheet or blanket is a good idea, but you can also spray your seats with a protectant before your pet gets in for a ride.
Better than a sheet or blanket, a seat cover specifically made for pets—or a pet hammock—will work well too. Hammocks hang over the seat so that your pet doesn't have to come in contact with them and get hair, dander, and mud everywhere.
Unfortunately, there’s not really anything you can do to prevent your pet from decorating the passenger windows with slobber and wet nose art. But a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts in a spray bottle cuts through stains and gunk.
While you’re cleaning your vehicle, schedule an appointment with our service center to get a checkup so that you can drive with peace of mind in a sparkling car.