Mythbusters and Alton Brown Make Thanksgiving Dinner by Car

You've heard of outdoor grilling and tailgating. Well, there is an even more adventurous way to cook up a meal. You probably won’t find any of our staff at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock doing that onsite though.
According to urban legend, it is possible to cook a meal by using an engine block as an oven.
We're not sure who came up with this idea, or if it was made up to give the Mythbusters team a seasonal challenge; but they set to work to prove or bust it.
In the video provided, the Mythbusters squad enlisted the aid of television chef and fellow science geek Alton Brown. Show hosts Adam and Jamie tested the engine of a used vehicle for oven-worthy temperatures.
After finding an astounding range from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit inside the engine—a near perfect mirror of the working range of an oven—Alton created a turkey dinner for the mobile Thanksgiving cook-out.
So, yes, you can cook a meal inside your engine. You might need to be an engineer, though. Or a really creative chef.
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