Keep Your Car’s Interior Looking Fresh With These Tips


What better way to begin the new year in style than with a clean car, truck, or SUV from our inventory at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock?
Maybe yours is a bit older and you’re thinking of trading it in for a newer ride. Pride of appearance while commuting is one great reason to keep your vehicle clean and shiny inside and out.
If your goal is to trade-in, it’s even more important to keep the vehicle clean. Regular washing and waxing protects the paint, and routine inside cleaning protects the upholstery from stains and the moulding from too much wear and tear. Following are a few tips to get started:
The first step is to clear out every unnecessary item. The interior can get cluttered quickly if you have children and are constantly on the go. Jackets, trash, toys, CDs—anything that is not tied, bolted, or cemented to the interior—need to find a new home.
When that’s done, give the cabin a quick vacuum. This prevents dust, dirt, and other debris from being stirred up after wiping down the surfaces.
Invest in high-quality cleaning products manufactured specifically for the materials in your car’s interior.
If there are already stains on the upholstery, dab at them with cleaner—never scrub—the friction can cause more damage on the upholstery surface, especially if it’s leather.
Keep a routine of cleaning out your vehicle. Get your kids and yourself into the habit of taking everything inside with you when you exit the vehicle. Take care of spills immediately. Retain value in your vehicle with regular cleaning inside and out, and you may be surprised at its trade-in value down the road.
When you’re ready, come see us at one of our buy-here pay-here locations in Lubbock and we’ll help you with financing and with picking out the perfect car out of our inventory that best fits you and your budget.