Is Synthetic Oil Really Better For My Car?

Vehicle ownership is a big financial investment. The best way to keep it running perfectly is to properly maintain it.
Oil changes are vital—over time, oil breaks down and becomes full of debris. As dirty oil moves through the engine, vital parts are not lubricated properly which will lead to a breakdown.
Generally there are three options: synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional oil.
Synthetic oil is more expensive. However it has proven to provide better protection and performance in modern vehicle engines. Synthetic oil keeps engines cleaner by removing more deposits. The engine’s life is extended because synthetics do not break down as quickly as conventional oil. It is also not as susceptible to temperature changes which allows it to move freely through the engine; conventional—or mineral—oil must warm up to be effective.
Synthetic oil is especially good for vehicles that are driven often—in a commute, long distances regularly, or everyday use. If coming in every 3,000 miles for an oil change means that you would bring your car in every six weeks, synthetic oil is a better answer—recommended service is about every 5,000 miles.
However, if your car is driven infrequently and not long distances very often, the standard practice of three months or 3,000 miles with conventional oil is just fine—and less draining on your wallet.
If you haven’t brought your vehicle in for an oil change in a while, schedule a visit at Fiesta Motors Service Center. Our expert technicians can tell you which oil is best for how your vehicle is used and help protect your investment.
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