Is a White Car a Smarter Choice to Beat Texas Heat?

Summers in Lubbock can be sweltering.

If you want to avoid grilling your buns on leather upholstery like a BBQ steak, the color of your car makes a big difference.
Studies have proven that a light-colored car reflects up to 60 percent of the sun's rays. However, a dark car reflects only 5 percent.

Another way to put it is that a black car absorbs almost all of the sun's heat and energy.
It is basically an oven.
A journalist with Autotrader marketplace proved this by measuring the temperature inside two Toyota vehicles, one black, and one white. When the outside temperature was 95 degrees, the inside of the black car soared to 131 degrees. The white car stood at 113 degrees.
So it is true that it’s better to have a white car or lighter-colored vehicle for surviving a summer heatwave. If you can avoid parking in direct sunlight altogether, you'll be even better off.
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