How to Slowly Destroy a Manual Transmission (and How Not To)

There are a few seemingly harmless common habits many manual (stick-shift) drivers have.

Harmless until the transmission blows, that is.
Engineering Explained officials released the video posted here to demonstrate proper and improper techniques for driving a stick shift. Internal mechanisms are on display so that you can see exactly what's happening inside your car.
Why resting your hand on the gearshift is bad:
Putting pressure on the gearshift puts pressure on the selector fork, which can rub the gearshift up against a rotating collar. Prolonged friction can damage the selector fork, particularly over a long period of time. This happens more in certain vehicles than in others.
Why staying in gear at a stoplight in bad:
Whenever you depress the clutch pedal, the throwout bearings push against the diaphragm spring to disengage the wheels. Throwout bearings are part of the clutch system that temporarily disengages the engine from the manual transmission while shifting. Extended pressure, such as waiting at a long traffic light, can cause premature wear.
Check out the entire video for a more in-depth look at examples of these and three more bad habits that you might be guilty of.
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