How to Make a Decision After Your Car Lease Ends

It’s been a great few years, driving around that car or van or SUV that you leased from Fiesta Motors.
But the end is near, and you’re starting to feel the stress of indecision.
Not to worry: our auto finance experts will help you take the leap and make a decision about what to do at the end of your lease.
When turning in the car, the following options are available:
  • Return the car and walk away
  • Get an extension of the lease
  • Lease a different vehicle
  • Purchase the vehicle outright
Each option has benefits and drawbacks that you should carefully consider. A few things to think about include:
  • Do I still need the car for my current lifestyle?
  • Is there another car that can be more efficient and better with my current lifestyle?
  • Has my family grown since I acquired the car? If so, can a more spacious car serve us better?
  • What can my financial capability support?
Don’t worry. Come visit us at one of our buy-here-pay-here used car dealerships in Lubbock and we’ll help you sort it through--with our in-house financing program too if.