How to Jump-Start Another Vehicle


A set of jumper cables is a practical addition to your car’s emergency kit. They are inexpensive, easily stored, and straightforward to use.

The main point of care with them is recognizing that each end possesses one positive and one negative cable to conduct electrical current. 

After you’ve connected the first cable, you will need to be careful not to let the other cable ends touch metal.
Connect the first positive red cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery. The battery should have a “plus” sign next to it.

The black, negative cable is the next to attach to the same battery. There should be a “minus” sign at that terminal.

Once attached, move on to the live battery and repeat the process. Let them charge for a minute or so and rev the engine of the good battery. The dead car should start within a couple of tries.
If the battery being charged doesn’t start your vehicle after three or four turns, it’s best to stop and get it in for service. There may be further electrical issues.

Bring it in to us in Lubbock and speak with someone on our expert service team. 

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