Have you heard about this Used Car Auction in Nebraska?


We get a great number of people coming to our two Fiesta Motors of Lubbock dealerships to check out our amazing used vehicle inventory.
However, even we can't say that on our busiest of days we've been as popular as a used car exhibit that took place in a muddy, packed field in pastoral Nebraska.
To lend a little perspective to the event thousands of people clamored to this one field for an auction of one of the largest collections of vintage Chevrolet models in the country.
The event attracted a crowd of auto buffs,  collectors, and history lovers. 
The collection belongs to Ray Lambrecht, a Chevrolet dealer in the local Nebraska area for over 50 years. The day the auction took place, over $1 million was collected for the precious used autos.
One example is a 1958 Chevrolet Cameo from that had only 1.3 miles on it. The price it brought was $140,000.
Some vehicles sold in the auction were in great shape due to proper storage.
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