Fiesta Motors recommends a spring cleaning for your car


Spring is in full swing in Lubbock.
For many, that means getting out on the road, rolling down the windows and letting the warm, fresh air mess up your hair while you jam out to some tunes.
Fiesta Motors of Lubbock has a great variety of used vehicles in our inventory that  you can start fresh with if you're in the market your next vehicle. We’ve also got a few recommendations for spring cleaning of the vehicle you already have. Here are a few post-winter tips to keep your car in great shape:
  • Wash your vehicle inside and out. Keep the undercarriage and interior free of debris and road salt to keep your car looking and performing like new.
  • Rotate the tires to keep the tread evenly worn for prolonged use and check their pressure, which is affected by cooler weather.
  • Make sure the brakes are at full function and that fluid levels are adequate. Your car works harder during rain, snow, ice, and cooler temperatures of the winter season. It's important to make sure brakes are in working order and fluids are topped off or replaced with fresh so that you don't experience a summer breakdown.
Now that everything is neat and tidy and taken care of, consider a trade-in for a newer model. Schedule a visit to one of our two buy-here pay-here locations.