Fiesta Breaks World Indoor Speed Record


We've got a special fondness for the Fiesta Ford hatchback that shares our company name.
Did you know that in 2013, this efficient subcompact held the world's indoor speed record?
Of course, it must be noted that it was no ordinary Ford Fiesta. It was a purpose-built Fiesta made for taking home rally championships. It has more than 600 horsepower; its cost is over $500,000—more like 30 Fiestas rolled into one. Here's a video.
The danger is real, too. The greatest challenge of an indoor speed record is that it must be indoors. That means hurtling at 87 mph toward a wall. Across a slippery floor. Between rows of solid metal beams.
Most sane people would look at that situation and give a big "Nope."
Not Tanner Foust, professional racing driver, stunt driver, and television host of the American version of Top Gear. He was ready to smash the record in his little rallycross car. And he did.
Thanks, Tanner, for giving our company name something great to associate with. Check out our used inventory for great deals and capable cars—and affordable Ford Fiestas at Fiesta Motors in Lubbock. We’ll even help you with financing.