Enjoy a Calm Ride With Your Pet This Holiday Season


Taking your beloved fur-baby long distances to visit friends and family this holiday season is no problem-o, right?  But perhaps Fido or Fidette might not think so.
You may be excited to take your puppy with you when you hit the road but your pet might not share your enthusiasm. Of course they want to be with you, but more often than not, puppies get anxious and become sick during the length of a car ride—especially if it is for more than a few hours.
To find out if your furball will tolerate a ride in your vehicle, take a few test drives around the city and out into the rural areas before going on a cross-country adventure.
Driving for short periods of time will acclimate your puppy to the motion and confinement of your vehicle. Keep your puppy—or cat or canary or other traveling pet—in a crate, pet car seat, hammock or small carrier to keep them safe while you navigate your way around.
An SUV has a lot of wiggle-room, but several modern sedans these days offer ample space with fold-down seatbacks that will handily fit a pet carrier of just about any size.
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