Do You Know What to Do When You Test Drive a Used Sedan?

Increasingly more car shoppers these days choose to forego a test drive.
Part of the reason is an increase in online sales where you can’t test drive. But another is because drivers do not know what they are supposed to look for and don't see the value in it.
At Fiesta Motors of Lubbock, we want you to get years of satisfaction out of the used car or truck you purchase from us. Taking a test drive ensures that you won't buy a vehicle with quirks that will end up annoying you after two months of ownership.
Micah Muzio of Kelley Blue Book usually reviews cars so that everyone can learn more about them online; shares the tricks of his trade so that you can learn to test drive a sedan like the pros.
A few things to remember when you test drive any vehicle:
  • Sit in every seat, including the second-row seats, and make sure they're comfy
  • Bring along any items you're going to want to travel with, and make sure they fit
  • Test the buttons and infotainment system, and make sure they are intuitive
  • Check visibility and blind-spots through the windows, mirrors, and backup camera
  • Check turn radius, acceleration, and braking
  • Feel for ride quality and listen for cabin noise

While you're at Fiesta Motors in Lubbock, ask our professional staff about any new features available on models in our inventory stock. Technology changes quickly, and even used vehicles that are a few years old may have unfamiliar equipment. As always, we encourage you to compare us with our competitors and find that we offer a worry-free guarantee of each vehicle we sell.