Could Strangers Access Your Information When You Rent or Trade In a Car?


You probably shouldn't connect your smartphone to a rental car.

The future can be scary. In every cyberpunk dystopian vision of the future, there is always a nefarious government organization, or ne'er-do-well hackers who have stolen everyone's personal information.

There is no more privacy.
Funny thing is, that doesn't sound too far off from the present. More Lubbock citizens are realizing that our favorite digital advancements put our private data at risk.
One unexpected place you may find a breach in your security is your newer model, modern car.
Any vehicle with an infotainment system or Bluetooth that syncs up to your smartphone may be able to store information such as your phone number, text messages, contacts, call logs and GPS locations.
Creepy, right?
As long as the car remains in your possession, you should be the only person with access to that information. However, if you have dropped off your vehicle for a lengthy service appointment and rent a car in the meantime where you used their Bluetooth system, your phone data may still be on it when you take it back.
The same is true when you trade-in or sell your modern vehicle. Staff at a responsible dealership will delete the paired phone history from an infotainment system before reselling. But it never hurts to be careful if you don't want strangers to know who you've been calling and where you've been driving.
Fortunately, protecting your privacy is easy. Follow the menu instructions on your vehicle's infotainment system to delete paired devices.
Yep, just another helpful tip from your friendly neighborhood people at Fiesta Motors.
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