Cleaning Leather Seats

Leather seats are luxurious and great for repelling stains and spills—and more expensive than upholstered seats. They need to be properly cleaned in order to last for many years.
Following are a few steps to keep the leather seats in your vehicle clean and looking good:
First consult the manual that came with your vehicle. There will be a section about how to properly care for leather seats and which products to avoid.
Before cleaning, vacuum the seats with a vacuum hose and attachment or wet-dry vac to suck up large dirt particles. Use care not to scratch the leather. An air compressor is handy to blow dirt out from between seat cracks. Make sure to get the hard-to-reach spots.
Remove surface dirt with a soft, microfiber cloth that has been sprayed with leather cleaner, saddle soap, or another type of mild leather soap.
Spray the seats with your chosen leather cleaner and scrub using a soft bristle brush.

Wipe the seat clean with another microfiber cloth. Lastly, let the seats dry. Repeat this process every three or four months.
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