Being Prepared for a Holiday Road Trip this Year


Use these travel safety tips to keep your holiday travels seamless.

Here are a few more...

Too many people make all sorts of plans for the holidays and then rush out the door at the last second--then wonder why every year they are trapped in traffic.

To avoid that huge holiday rush that is certainly coming, here are a few things that you need to do ahead of time.
The time to prepare for potential trouble is while you are safe at home. Pack a box with everything you think you might need in case trouble strikes. The box should have items such as snacks, road flares, flashlights, phone chargers, water, a gas can, and duct tape--to name a few.
Plan to bypass heavily congested areas such as airports--plan your route early. Take time to look for places along the road where you can stop to give your passengers a break. Small parks are a great place to pull over and relax a while.
Most importantly, make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced before you go with an oil change and general check-up. Fiesta Motors has a team at the ready to inspect your car so you can be safely on your way this holiday season.