Salutes the Mazda5

When you were old enough to drive and begin daydreaming about your ideal vehicle, it probably wasn’t a minivan. Unless you’re a child of the ‘60s and ‘70s. But that’s another story.
Now that you have a family and you need a van, you shouldn’t be forced to settle for a very plain, very old, non-exciting model. In fact, we have a lot of quality really cool vans in our inventory at Fiesta Motors of Lubbock.
We highly recommend taking the 2015 Mazda5 out for a test drive We're certain that you'll never look back once you've taken the wheel. 
The Mazda5 boasts sleek dimensions to deliver sporty and engaging performance as well as family-friendly qualities such as a standard third row of seating.
As a result, the Mazda5 proves itself to be the total package and much more.
If we've piqued your interest then take a look at the video clip to learn more. 
After you've seen the clip, call ahead to visit us or drop by for a test drive at Fiesta Motors to browse our inventory of dependable used vehicles.

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