Are Self-Driving Cars Dangerous?

Fully autonomous vehicles are not yet available for general purchase; but already there is a strong consensus among drivers—they're just too dangerous!
Would you give up control? Per a AAA survey, 75 percent of people would be afraid to ride in self-driving car.

A report by American Automobile Association officials revealed that 5 percent of American drivers say that if anyone made them ride along in a self-driving car, they'd be nervous.
Sort of like how you feel when a teenager is behind the wheel.
In my opinion, we fear autonomous cars for the same reason we fear student drivers. They just aren't proven safe yet. They're too new, too untested.
The survey also found—unsurprisingly—that people whose cars already have semi-autonomous features are significantly more likely to trust self-driving vehicles. Semi-autonomous aids are a way to prove technology is safe and reliable before people take their hands entirely off the wheel.
What does semi-autonomous mean? Features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, automatic parallel parking, and automatic emergency braking are semi-autonomous.
These features require the car computer to scan its environment for obstacles and landmarks, and react to them using advanced algorithms which take into account factors such distance and speed. It's the same technology used by autonomous vehicles, but whittled down to a few basic functions.
Unlike fear-inducing, fully self-driving cars, 61 percent of drivers say they want semi-autonomous features on their next car. As of 2016, 20 automakers have pledged to make automatic emergency braking standard.
Are you one of the 61 percent who wants intelligent safety features on your next car? Or do you prefer to trust your own driving skills without any help, thank-you-very-much?

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